Dave with bird feed

Below is a current list of seed sizes and prices (US$). Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

Seed20 lbs25 lbs40 lbs50 lbs
Black Oil Sunflower28.9950.99
Sunflower Chips (hulled)49.99112.99
Shell Free Medley45.99
Songbird Medley35.99
Backyard Medley31.9959.99
Peanuts (no shell)47.99107.99
Woodpecker Medley47.99
Peanuts (with shell)54.99
Corn (whole or cracked)14.99
Sunflower (Striped)38.99
Critter Mix25.99
Nearly Naked44.99
Dave’s No Mess49.99
Nutra Safflower40.99
Spring Mix37.99
Cardinal Mix31.99
Finch Mix40.99
Hot Chips54.99
Deer Feed18.99